The Good Shepherd Calls


Recommended Churches

While we believe each of the churches we have listed below is like-minded  in  their desire to hold fast to the truth of Godís Word and contend for the Christian faith, you will find that no two churches are exactly alike. As you look for a home church, please use prayerful discernment; and as Scripture instructs us, we must "Prove all things" and "Try the spirits" through the screen of the Word of God (1 Thessalonians 5:21; 1 John 4:1). 


Royal City Baptist Church
Wayne Boadway - Guelph, Ontario

Faith Baptist Church - Regina
Dr. Eugene Speer - Regina, Saskatchewan

 Faith Baptist Church - Saskatoon
 Pastor Steve Fish - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Calvary Chapel Rome
 Pastor: Brent Harrell - Rome, Italy


 His Church Calvary Tri City
 Pastor John Higgins  - Tempi Arizona  (Phoenix area)

 LifePath Church
 Pastor Dave Crichton  - Peoria Arizona  (Phoenix area)

Refuge Church
 Pastor Steve Shively - Atascadero, CA
 Agape Chapel
 Pastor Terry Reynolds - Costa Mesa, CA
 Calvary Chapel Cypress
 Pastor Chris Quintana - Cypress CA
 Calvary Chapel of Pasadena - Pasadena CA
 Pastor Xavier Ries
 Bethel Baptist Church
 Pastor Dan Davidson - Santa Ana, CA


Calvary Chapel Spring Creek        
Pastor John Sutherland - Spring Creek, NV.

Chapel Blue Island          
Pastor Guadalupe Garcia - South Side of Chicago
 Calvary Chapel Cardunal   
 Pastor Eric Bentz - F
ar Northwest Suburbs of Chicago
 Calvary Chapel Elk Grove Village      
 Pastor Phil Ballmaier N
orthwest Suburbs of Chicago

 Calvary Mission Church
 Pastor Tom Worthington - Crown Point, IN

 Calvary Chapel Saint Paul
Pastor Chik Chikeles

 New York
 Heritage Baptist Church
 Pastor C. Matthew Recker - NYC, NY

 Living Water Christian Fellowship
 Pastor Dan McAlpin - Rochester, NY


Light Of Life Free Will Baptist Church
Greg Yacobian - McAllen, TX


 Calvary Chapel Appleton
Dwight Douville - Appleton, WI
 Calvary Chapel Madison

Pastor Jeff Solwold  - Madison, WI

 Washington State
 Simple Faith Calvary Chapel
 Bill Henry - Vancouver, Washington