Human Pretending To Be God

Commentary by Roger Oakland

When I first became a Christian some thirty-five years ago, the topic of genetically redesigning life was still considered science fiction. While predictions were being made about the possibility of designing chimera-like hybrids of monstrous proportions, the reality of that happening seemed far off in the future.

Not so today. Quoting from a recent Russian news article titled “Human-animal Hybrids, Disasters in the Making,” the following statement is made:

Scientists worldwide are creating bizarre human-animal hybrids that could wreak havoc on society. In the past ten years alone, unforgettable advances in the field of genetic modifications have left researchers and on-lookers stunned. To give a concrete example, scientists have made mice with an artificial human chromosome “in every cell of their bodies”. Such an act is being praised as a “breakthrough” which may lead to different cures for a wide scope of disease. . . University of Wisconsin researchers have had much success by transferring cells from human embryos into the brains of mice. These very cells began to grow, and in time made the mice more intelligent. [1]

While this may sound bizarre to some, the fact mankind is tinkering with life comes as no surprise to those who have read the Bible. The Bible states that God is the creator of all life. In the beginning, all life was created perfect (Genesis 1:26). The Bible also clarifies that God has an adversary—Satan—who hates God and His creation. Satan’s goal from the beginning has been to destroy or contaminate the original creation.

According to the Book of Genesis chapter six, this is what took place before the Flood of Noah. The genetic corruption of life was also one of the reasons God initiated a global disaster that wiped out life except for a remnant of each kind that was preserved.

Another statement taken from the same article adds another dimension to the direction mankind is heading at this time in the area of genetic manipulation. Frankenstein-type experimentation is not something just being promoted by individuals but by governments as well. We read:

Even now it is apparent that growing human organs inside of animals is not science fiction, but pure reality. Japanese scientists have started using pigs to grow human organs inside of them. Their main goal is to add onto the amount of organs available for medical procedures. However, this is no basement operation as the Japanese government is figuring out guidelines for the embryonic research initiative.[2]

So, are these animal-human hybrids “disasters in the making” as the title of the article indicates? Human beings may have the knowledge and the technology so that the genetic boundaries that God created can be crossed, but do they have the wisdom to play God? While there are few expressing their concerns about where genetic modification is leading society, the real question should be, how much longer will God tolerate such human arrogance and the very defiance of the Creator?

In the past, God used a global catastrophe, the Flood of Noah, to set the record straight. While He promised not to send another flood, the Bible clearly indicates that history repeats itself.

Is there another judgement coming? I don’t think it is a matter of whether or not it will happen but how soon?




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