A Global Problem Requires a Global Solution

Commentary by Roger Oakland

If you have been following me over the last several years, you will probably agree that the world is in deep trouble. Of course, this is not the first time in earth’s history there have been people predicting the end of times. There have always been conflicts. There have always been religious wars. These periods of history seem to come and go. Sometimes issues are resolved; sometimes not. Ideological wars fueled by those who have a religious bias seem to be the most difficult to resolve. Political leaders worldwide are scratching their heads. Not God. He is still on the throne.

The present president of the United States refuses to call Islamic terrorists Islamic terrorists. Apparently, he has never read the Koran which the terrorists have read and are fulfilling every jot and tittle. Somehow, they are convincing young men and women, boys and girls to join them. They are very focused. Their aim is to maim, kill, and destroy everyone who does not bow their knee to Allah.

Governments say they must work together and cooperate. Obviously, the terrorists are outthinking the very best of the politicians. In the case of the recent European attacks, there were numerous warnings. For example, the Turkey government sent word to Belgium that they did not allow two of the terrorists access to their country who were on their way to Syria. They told Belgium law enforcers these were dangerous guys before they were sent back.

As well, Israeli terrorist experts had just reviewed the security situation at the Brussels airport and found it to be a disaster waiting to happen. The result of this negligence was the loss of many lives.

So, for the future, what can be done? I will tell you what will happen based on insights I have from the Bible. Global problems always require global solutions. Surveillance of every person on the planet is already a possibility. This is what I see coming based on my understanding of the book of Revelation, chapter 13.

Organizations like the United Nations will become even more powerful. Rules and regulations will make a sham of human rights. And people will love it so.

However, there is another area I must take some time to discuss in order to give an even more complete snapshot of the future. All religions will have to agree to disagree and become one. This may seem to be impossible, based on the differences that there are among the religions of the world. But remember, Satan is god of this world. He is the pied piper of deception. He knows how to unite the masses under a religion that he set up to brainwash the world.

Further, throw in a few lying signs and wonders and supernatural events in the name of Christianity. Could the head of Rome be so eager to provide an answer for peace and safety that he may play a significant role? I am not predicting. I am only speculating, but I think it is fair to say that speculation of this type is not beyond the realm of possibility.

Muslims and Roman Catholics both believe that “Mary,” the mother of Jesus, is showing up here and there. What if this apparitional woman provided a solution? What if “evangelical” charismatics go for the “Second Pentecost” accepting that a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit is coming upon the earth and the whole world is coming to Jesus.

Would this be the historical Jesus of the Bible, or would it be another Jesus? Would the Holy Spirit be poured out by Mary as many Catholics teach, or would it be the Holy Spirit who always operates according to biblical parameters?

I suppose time will tell. If I were you, I would begin reading the Bible from front to back. The Word of God is God’s revelation to man. You will find the answers there for yourself.