He Who Has the Most Dirt Wins! Or Does He?

Commentary by Roger Oakland

There is a common idiom that you often hear among the yuppie generation – he who dies with the most toys wins. Of course, the question to ask is obvious. Wins what? More toys? Or as Solomon mourned, more material things is nothing but a sign of an empty meaningless life that ends in despair.

A thought dawned on me several weeks ago as I was watching CNN news. I say “news” with my tongue in my cheek. The network has reverted to worthless biased commentary that some watch as if they were attending a church service before an altar call. Such is America today and also the same for Canada.

So, what does it mean to take a phrase and make a parody. What is there about dirt and politics that I am writing about? As far as I can see, dirt is what politics is all about. Whoever has the most dirt, compared to the one who has less dirt, is the one that the media supports. However, sometimes the media is so obsessed with dirt they forget they are dirtier than the politicians they claim they are exposing.

As I write this commentary, the two presidential candidates for 2016 have both been chosen. While there has been a fair amount of mudslinging that has occurred, some say it will get a lot worse. The question I have is how can human beings who are demonstrably question marks in the real world become celebrities when they wear their political hats. Isn’t this a bad joke in the making? And for Canadians who gloat about the American prospects for President, should they not look around at who they voted in for Prime Minister. Let’s be realistic and honest!

Church Politics

It is also a fact that the Christian church at large can be and is corrupt. The mega churches and mega para-churches that have the ability to launder money are questionable at best. Churches and organizations can be carnal, and Christians that attend them are worldly as well.

There are churches and organizations that are actually legitimate, but they are generally the churches that struggle. The megachurches have hierarchical systems set up with the pastor as the top guy. While each board member has a vote, the board members are puppets with only a token expression. If they express concerns about the direction the church is headed, they are asked to resign.

The Senior Pastor is actually influenced by his own inner circle. This is especially true in Catholic and charismatic systems. The “pope” rules, and the pope’s family sometimes rules the pope. This is where extortion comes in to the picture. Have you ever heard of this happening?

I am personally not interested in politics. It seems to me it is nothing but a license to steal and be corrupt. There may be some who have morals and ethics especially in the lower levels of government; but give the big guys time and they can’t handle the money, the power, or the women. It is just too much temptation.

My experience lies more in the area of religion rather than politics. While I am not religious either, I do call myself a Bible-believing Christian. Believe it or not, there is a vast difference.

Sadly, a huge number of large churches, whatever their denomination, operate as money laundering systems. They take in donations from small and large supporters and then give out tax deductible receipts. Then the Board of Directors facilitates funneling the money into the church’s deep pockets. This can take the form of many material projects such as buildings, airplanes, helicopters, pope-mobiles, cars, gold-plated statues, vestments, and incense. Protestants have their own scams as they buy and sell off-shore property sometimes owned in the names of their family members. First Timothy 6:10 is a sober reminder and was not put there by mistake: “For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”

Power Broking

As with politics, churches have power brokers and a system where the big dog rules. The big dogs have other small dogs that keep them informed. This requires a system of keeping an eye on the players that may be a threat. This is where spying and reporting becomes very apparent. Dirt is gathered on the smaller dogs, and files are kept in secret. The dirt piles up.

He or she who has the control of the dirt is in the best position to extort others. This is the way the hierarchy develops. If you do not agree, then I invite you to investigate the inner workings of large political machines or large religious organizations.

True Christianity

True Christians do not gather dirt on one another. Dirt-gathering (used for the purpose of blackmailing and extortion) is not the way Jesus Christ instructs Christians to operate. He is the Creator and knows all things. The big dogs (Big Dogs Rule by Trevor Baker) who work in this realm may think they are powerful but actually are Satan’s tools and devices, being used for his evil plans.

In my years of being a Christian, I have seen this plan used by Satan many times. While these scams appear to be successful, they are obviously demonic. It is sad to say that almost every megachurch I know operates by collecting dirt on others then using it to keep their own dirt secret, especially organizations where there is a top “pope,” with his cardinals, bishops, and priests.

I have seen such a system operating with the fellowship of churches known as Calvary Chapel. You would think the leaders of this organization would repent before it is too late.